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1901 Census


You can print a blank form for recording 1901 Census data from the Research Forms page of the FamilySearch website.

Learn more about the 1901 Census on the FamilySearch Research Wiki.


1901 Census of Canada (Automated Genealogy)

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Additional Information: 

  • Choose Frontenac to see Garden Island, Howe Island, Kingston Township, Pittsburgh Township, Portsmouth Village, Storrington Township, and Wolfe Island.
  • Choose Kingston (City/Cite) to see City of Kingston.
  • Choose Addington to see the townships of Barrie, Bedford, Clarendon & Miller, Hinchinbrooke, Kennebec, Loughborough, Olden, Oso, Palmerston & Canonto, and Portland.
  • Click the page number next to the relevant entry to see the transcription.
  • To view a scan of the original document, click "split screen" at the top of the page.

1901 Census of Canada (Library and Archives Canada)

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Additional Information: 

  • Use the census district name Frontenac or district number 61 to see Howe Island, City of Kingston, Pittsburgh, Storrington, Wolfe Island (including Simcoe, Horseshoe & Mud Islands), Garden Island, and Portsmouth village.
  • Use the census district name Kingston or district number 77 to see City of Kingston.
  • Use the census district name Addington or district number 43 to see the townships of Barrie, Bedford, North Canonto, South Canonto, Clarendon & Miller, Hinchinbrooke, Howe Island, Kennebec, Kingston Township, Loughborough, Olden, Oso, Pittsburgh, and Portland.
  • Note that some places fall into more than one census district.


1901 Census (Microfilm)

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Additional Information: 

The microfilm reels are in the top right-hand drawer of the microfilm cabinet.

They cover the City of Kingston and all of Frontenac County

The reel numbers are:

  • T-06457
  • T-06467
  • T-06475
  • T-06476
  • T-06478
  • T-06479

They are exactly the same as the on-line version (see above).

However, there is no printed index to these reels.

Please use the Automated Genealogy version (above) to find the page and line number before using the microfilm reels.

Aboriginal ancestors were enumerated separately and appear on microfilm reels T-6554 and T-6555 under Indian Agencies.

Learn more about microfilm access.

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