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The "Tracing Your Family History" page on the Archives of Ontario website provides links and information about:

  • Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations
  • Church/Religious records
  • Estate Files, Wills, Probate and Surrogate Courts Records
  • Immigration Records
  • Land Records
  • Other Records
  • Lists of Genealogy and/or Freelance Researchers in Ontario

You can also download the following excellent research guides, pathfinders (and more) from the "Research Guides and Tools" page of the Archives of Ontario website.

Research Guides

    201 - The Records We Do and Don't Have
    202 - Vitals Statistics Records
    203 - Understanding the Vital Statistics Indexes
    204 - Sources for Birth, Marriage and Death Records
    205 - Using the Ontario Land Records Index ca. 1780-ca. 1920
    206 - How to Find a Will in Court Records
    207 - Researching Ontario Bills and Statutes
    208 - A Guide to Researching Records of Ontario Municipal Board Hearings
    209 - Finding Municipal Records
    210 - Finding Divorce Files in Ontario
    211 - Finding York County Divorce Files
    212 - Newspaper Holdings of the Archives of Ontario
    213 - War of 1812 Records
    214 - Municipal Land Use Planning
    215 - From Grant to Patent: A Guide to Early Land Settlement Records ca.1790 to ca.1850
    216 - Student and Teacher Records
    217 - Corporation Records of the Government of Ontario
    218 - Partnership and Benevolent Society Registration Records
    219 - Researching Ontario Regulations (1867 to the Present)
    220 - Census Records
    221 - Directories, Telephone Books and Voters Lists
    222 - Genealogy Collections and Published Genealogies
    223 - Guardianship and Adoption Records
    224 - Patient Health Practioner Records
    225 - Researching Crown Land Records
    226 - Militia and Military Records
    227 - United Empire Loyalist Records
    228 - Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship Records
    229 - Finding Change of Name Records
    230 - Finding Bankruptcy Records
    231 - Finding Land Registration Records
    232 - Ministry of Natural Resources Aerial Photographs
    233 - Criminal Justice Records
    234 - Visual Database users guide
    299 - Sources of Family History


    Birth Registrations
    Death Registrations
    Estate Files
    Land Patents
    Marriage Registrations
    Ontario Land Records Index (OLRI
    Petitions for Land
    Pre-1874 Marriage Registrations Acquired from the Office of the Registrar General


    Guide to Published Transcriptions and Indexes of Pre-1874 Marriage Records
    Understanding the Archival Reference Code in the Ontario Land Records Index: How to Find the reel of Microfilm You Need
    The Changing Shape of Ontario: A Guide to Boundaries, Names and Regional Governments


Visit the Archives of Ontario website.