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Churches by location

The following are churches in Frontenac County - for churches in Kingston view our page 'Churches in the City of Kingston'.

Arden (Arden United Church)
Barriefield (St. Mark's Anglican)
Battersea (Battersea United Church)
Bedford Centre (Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic)
Brewers Mills (St. Barnaby's Roman Catholic)
Cataraqui (Cataraqui Christ Church)
Elginburg (Elginburgh United Church)
Godfrey (Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Harrowsmith (St. Paul's United Church)
Harrowsmith (St. Peter's Anglican)
Howe Island village (St. Philomena Roman Catholic)
Inverary (Inverary United Church)
Middle Road (St. John's Presbyterian Church)
Mountain Grove (Mountain Grove Presbyterian Church)
Oso Station (Christ Church Anglican)
Parham (St. James)
Plevna (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)
Portsmouth (Church of the Good Thief)
Portsmouth (St. John's Anglican)
Sydenham (Grace United Church)
Sydenham (St. Paul's Anglican)
Sydenham (Sydenham United Church)
Verona (St. Martin-in-the-Fields)
Verona (Verona United Church)
Westbrook (Westbrook United Church)
Wolfe Island Village (Christ Church Anglican)
Wolfe Island Village (Church of the Trinity)
Wolfe Island Village (Sacred Heart of Mary)
Wolfe Island Village (Wolfe Island United Church)
Zealand (St. Paul's Anglican)