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1891 Census


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1891 Census of Canada

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To search by place in the Library and Archives Canada database, use the following census districts and sub-districts:

District 45  (Addington) 

  • Barrie
  • Bedford
  • Clarendon and Miller
  • Hinchinbrooke
  • Institutions
  • Kennebec
  • Loughborough
  • Olden
  • Oso
  • Palmerston and Canonto
  • Portland

District 64  (Frontenac)

  • Garden Island
  • Howe Island
  • Institutions
  • Kingston Township
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portsmouth
  • Storrington
  • Wolfe Island

District 80  (City of Kingston)

  • City of Kingston - Cataraqui Ward
  • City of Kingston - Frontenac Ward
  • City of Kingston - Institutions
  • City of Kingston - Ontario Ward
  • City of Kingston - Rideau Ward
  • City of Kingston - St. Lawrence Ward
  • City of Kingston - Sydenham Ward
  • City of Kingston - Victoria Ward


1891 Census Microfilm

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Additional Information: 

The microfilm reels are in the top right-hand drawer of the microfilm cabinet.

They cover the City of Kingston and Frontenac County.

The microfilm reels do not include an index. Try using the online and print resources to narrow down your search.

To narrow your search for a City of Kingston ancestor:

  1. Try to locate the person in the City Directory for 1891-2 or 1893-4.
  2. Choose the correct microfilm reel according to the ward the person lived in:
    • T-6346 Cataraqui (Ward)
    • T-6346 Frontenac (Ward)
    • T-6346 Ontario (Ward)
    • T-6346 Rideau (Ward)
    • T-6346 and T-6347 St-Lawrence (Ward)
    • T-6347 Sydenham (Ward)
    • T-6347 Victoria (Ward)
    • T-6427 Institutions
    • Other microfilm in the drawer covers Frontenac County beyond the City of Kingston. They include the following reels:
    • Reel # T-6322 (includes Abingar, Ashby, Anglesea, Barrie, Bedford, Camden, Clarendon & Miller, Hinchinbrooke, Kaladar, Kennebec, Loughborough, Newburgh Village)
    • Reel # T-6323 (includes Olden, Oso, Palmerston, Canonto, Portland, Sheffield)

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