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Kingston Newspapers


Generally speaking, historical Kingston-area newspapers fall into three broad date-ranges. There are multiple ways to search each date-range, and each method has its own quirks and challenges, as outlined below.

For a quick way to browse by date, click here and scroll down.


DATE RANGE: 1810 - 1849

  • Method 1 – Our Digital World
    • The Kingston Chronicle (1826 – 1832)
    • The Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835 – 1837, 1841 – 1847)
    • The Kingston Gazette (1810 – 1820)
  1. Visit Our Digital World and click Kingston Frontenac Public Library.
  2. Navigate to the newspaper you want to see, and click to view an issue.
  3. If you get an error message saying Sorry, Zoom is not currently supported, try this workaround: click the print icon and wait for the page to load, choose pdf, and then use the controls in your pdf viewer to zoom and move around the page.The newspaper files are large, and can be slow to load, so please be patient!
  • Method 2 – Digital Kingston
    • The Kingston Chronicle (1826 – 1832)
    • The Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835 – 1837, 1841 – 1847)
    • The Kingston Gazette (1810 – 1820)
  1. Visit Digital Kingston and choose Search Digital Collections.
  2. Search by keyword. Leave the date limiters blank.
  3. Type a search term, or combine multiple keywords by putting them into separate fields. (For example, type Kelly into one field and drowned into the next.)
  4. If nothing happens when you follow the link that says Full Text (where available) click here, take note of the date, page, and column in which the article appears, and then use Method 1 (above) or Method 3 (below) to view the newspaper.
  • Method 3 – Google Newspaper Archive
    • Chronicle & Gazette 1833-1845
    • Daily British Whig 1849
    • Kingston Chronicle 1820, 1830-1832
  1. Visit the Google Newspaper Archive.
  2. The Search feature in the newspaper is not useful, because it peforms a general search across the Internet; it cannot be limited to a particular newspaper.
  3. To find an item, you must browse through the images or use Method 2 (above) to zero in on the date and page

DATE RANGE: 1850 - 1985

Unfortunately, no index is available for Kingston-Frontenac newspapers in this date-range, and the newspapers have not yet been digitized.  The best way to find news items on a particular subject is to narrow your date range as much as possible using other sources (e.g. determine an individual’s date of death using cemetery records or other genealogical tools) and then browse the newspapers on microfilm.

The larger Kingston newspapers (e.g. Whig-Standard) are available on microfilm at the Central Branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, and also at the Stauffer Library, Queen’s University.  Other newspapers (e.g. Frontenac NewsEMCKingston This Week) are also available in print. The dates and holdings vary, so it’s best to check the library catalogue before you come–or contact us to ask about a particular issue or date range. Learn more about access to microfilm at KFPL. 

If you don’t live in the area, try your local Family History Centre. These are located all over the world. To find your nearest centre, visit the Center Locator page of the FamilySearch website  and type the name of a town or city into the search box.

DATE RANGE: 1985 - present

Many of the Kingston-Frontenac newspapers are available in print as well as on microfilm. The dates and holdings vary, so it’s best to check before you come. 

A complete run of the Kingston Whig Standard and its predecessors is available on microfilm at the Central Library. Learn more about access to microfilm at KFPL.

The following electronic databases are available:

  1. Sun Media Database
    • Kingston Whig Standard  (1985 – present) 
    • Peterborough Examiner
    • Belleville Intelligencer
    1. From an in-library computer, click Explore Online Resources > Newspapers and Magazines > Kingston Whig Standard.
    2. This database is for in-library use only.
    3. It is available at most branches.
    4. It includes articles only; there are no advertisements or images.​
  2. PressDisplay
    This database includes the most recent two weeks of the Kingston Whig Standard, and many other newspapers. If you have a KFPL library card, you can access PressDisplay from home, using your barcode and 4-digit PIN.
    1. Visit the KFPL webpage and click Explore Online Resources > Newspapers and Magazines > PressDisplay
    2. Click Select Title (blue button, top right)
    3. Choose K – Kingston Whig Standard (or whichever title you’d like to see–there are many to choose from!)
    4. The page will open to the most recent issue of the newspaper. It is a full-colour pdf version and includes everything including images, ads, formatting, etc. It is exactly like reading the “real” newspaper, with the added ability to search for a keyword.
    5. To browse a different issue, click the blue Calendar button at the top of the screen
    6. To search, type the word into the search box at the top of the screen. Click the down-arrow next to the word Search and choose your parameters (e.g. today, last three days, this week, this month, anytime AND/OR in this issue, in Kingston Whig Standard, in Canada)