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Operational Records of the Penitentiary Branch

Date Range: 

1843 - 1962

Resource Format: 

  • Online


  • Canada

Special Group: 

  • Inmates

Additional Information: 

  • These records are available on microfilm from Library and Archives Canada.
  • They include files on convictions, sentences, transfers and escapes of prisoners in federal institutions.
  • To find out which microfilm reel to order:
  • 1. Visit the Government of Canada Files page and click Search the Complete Database.
  • 2. In the Keywords box, type the prisoner's surname.
  • 3. In the Record Group box, type 13.
  • 4. Ignore the other boxes.
  • 5. Click the Submit Query button.
  • 6. If the document is available on microfilm, it will have a reel number consisting of a letter(s) followed by a hyphen and four digits (e.g. T-4567)
  • 7. For more information about how to view the microfilm or obtain copies of the non-microfilmed records, contact Library and Archives Canada.