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St. Mary's Parish Registers

stack of church registers
St. Mary's Church Registers

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The First Registers of the Parish of St. Mary's Cathedral [transcriptions], Kingston : Ontario Genealogical Society, Kingston Branch, 1976.

  • Volume 1 Baptisms (1816-1843)
  • Volume 2 Baptisms (1844-1854)
  • Volume 3 Baptisms (1855-1869)
  • Volume 4 Marriages (1816-1869)
  • Volume 5 Interments [burials] (1816-1869)
  • Volume 6 Abjurations and confirmations (1821-1869)

Unindexed microfilm images of these registers are available on the FamilySearch website. See Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston.

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