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WWI in Oso Township


  • 835053                     CAMPBELL, Archie                                                     CLARENDON STATION
  • 10712                        BAIN, Thomas                                                               CROW LAKE
  • 455021                     PATON, Hugh George                                                CROW LAKE
  • 639495                     WILTSE, Arza James                                                  CROW LAKE
  • 835737                     ALLEN, George                                                             OCONTO
  • 220259                     MacPHERSON, Ross E                                               OSO
  • 835444                     PATTERSON, Robert G                                              OSO
  • 412064                     LUTZ, Hezro Kilburn                                                  OSO STATION
  • 345805                     ALLEN, James Coleman                                            SHARBOT LAKE
  • 16395                        BABCOCK, Ernest L                                                     SHARBOT LAKE
  • 835833                     BADOUR, Edward Nelson                                        SHARBOT LAKE
  • 226528                     BONNER, Andrew Rankin                                       SHARBOT LAKE
  • 39108                        BONNER, Harry James                                              SHARBOT LAKE
  • 835739                     COMMODORE, Robert Waldron                            SHARBOT LAKE
  • 410494                     GARRETT, Cecil Newton                                          SHARBOT LAKE
  • 220200                     SLY, William D                                                               SHARBOT LAKE

Do you know of another soldier from Oso Township who served in WWI?  Please let us know!

Online Databases

  • The Canadian Great War Project
  • Attestation Forms   
    • Find out what the soldier looked like; see the original form with his handwriting on it.
    • Search the Soldiers of the First World War database on the website of Library and Archives Canada.

Census Records

  • Before the War
  1. Search the 1911 Census of Canada.
  2. Type the soldier's surname.
  3. Choose Ontario from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Hide/Show Advanced Search Options.
  5. District Name: Frontenac
  6. Sub-district Name: Oso
  7. Leave the other fields blank.
  • After the War
  1. Search the 1921 Census of Canada online from
  2. Library and Archives Canada has partnered with to provide free access to this census.
  3. Access is only free if you are accessing the records from within Canada.
  4. will ask you to make a free account (email address, password) in order to verify that you are accessing the 1921 Census from within Canada.
  5. If you prefer not to make a free account, you are welcome to use Ancestry-Library Edition free of charge at your local KFPL branch (in-library use only).

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