A Present from the Past - Store Catalogues


Scan of an old Eaton Catalogue

Whether you’re writing an historical novel, researching an article or assignment, or adding zing to your memoir or family history, you’ll find a wealth of material in vintage store catalogues. Browse through general department-store catalogues, or zero in on a specialty subject like bicycles (1918), church furniture (c1915), or fancy goods (1901).  For information about products and prices, as visual references, or just for fun, these publications are oh-so-browsable. Enjoy!



1851 - 1875

1876 - 1899

1900 - 1925

1926 - 1950





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Image: Eaton's Fall and Winter Catalogue 1920-21, [online], Internet Archive, Toronto: T. Eaton Company, 1920, p. 40. (http://archive.org/stream/eatons19202100eatouoft#page/n7/mode/2up : accessed 25 June 2013).