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New!  In the Kingston Collection at the Central Library: Wolfe Island Historical Society Newsletters, 2006-2012 plus Windword 2013 and Windword 2014-2015. These are a goldmine of research, images and memories of Wolfe Island, produced by members of the Society. The volumes are not yet indexed, but the following list of articles will give you an idea of the contents. The books are for in-library use only. For more information, please click the Contact Us link on the KFPL website or contact the Wolfe Island Historical Society at P.O. Box 31, Wolfe Island, ON, K0H 2Y0  info@wolfeislandhistoricalsociety.org

Annual Newsletter, First Edition, 2006

  • History of the Wolfe Island Ferry: A Slide Presentation, by Brian Johnson.
  • Wolfe Island Family Connections, [esp. Staley Family, Grimshaw Family], by Barbara A. Bonner.
  • [clippings, society business, minutes of meetings and events]

Annual Newsletter, Volume II,  No. 1, 2007

  • The O'Brien House, by Beth Caldwell.
  • Hugh P. MacMillan, A Voyageur of Note, by Victoria Stewart.
  • A Walk Back in Time: Our Garden Island Connection, by Brian Johnson.
  • Who's Afraid of the 'Big Bad Wolfe'?, by Victoria Stewart.
  • Honouring Our Island's Namesake: General James Wolfe
  • The Shannons of Wolfe Island. [Shannon Family], by Brian MacDonald.
  • A Talk Given on Genealogy, by Father J. Appelman.
  • Peoples: The Core of Our Heritage [excerpts from a talk], by David More.
  • Excerpts from a talk by Barbara LaRocque
  • Frontenac County and Wolfe Island Plowing Matches, September 14-15, 2007, by Theresa Broeders.
  • War Medals Found on e-4bay Sgt. George 'Bruno' Spoor, A Wolfe Islander Veteran of World War I [WWI], by Brian P. Johnson.
  • Canadian Railway Troops, 1914-1918, by Donna Ivey and Norma Kelly.
  • Kingston Volunteers: The Thing to Do, Kingston and Frontenac County's Great War Dead, by Peter Gower.
  • Coming Home: Former Islander and Member Jane Hall Launches her Book 'The Red Wall: A Woman in the RCMP', by Brian Johnson.
  • The Old and New United Church Cemeteries at the South End of Button Bay and the Island off Route 95 : A talk given by Arthur Keyes and embellished by other islanders
  • Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, by Sherman Niles.
  • The Wolfe Island's Roman Catholic Cemeteries, [includes The Story of Johnny Wall], by Wayne Grant.
  • [brief reports of meetings, events, etc.]

Annual Newsletter 2008, Volume III, No. 1

  • James Wolfe: A Namesake to Draw Strength From, by Victoria Stewart.
  • Looking Back: Gene Manion and the Wolfe Island Airline : Flying Home, by Gene Manion.
  • Coronation for Royal Oak at SS#6 Wolfe Island, by Geneva Keyes.
  • Royal Remembrances, by Rob Leverty.
  • Making Cheese on Wolfe Island, by Joan and John O'Shea.
  • Hal McCarney: A Man to be Admired, by Victoria Stewart.
  • Marysville Mary: Mary Hinckley Davis Hitchcock and her Children, by Brian MacDonald.
  • Shoreline History: A Geological History Talk from Ben Ford, by Brian Johnson.
  • Reproduction Lighthouse at Quebec Head, by Arnold Davenport.
  • Francis Greenwood, the 'outfielder' : Las man standing of the Greenwood Brothers Dynasty [baseball], by Brian Johnson.
  • Growing up in Kingston Harbour, by Ron Walsh.
  • [clippings, society business, minutes of meetings and events; black-and-white photos of the Marysville 150th Anniversary, Celebration Day Parade]

Annual Newsletter 2009, Volume IV, No. 1

  • Messing About in Boats: The Hinckley Connection: A History of the Horne Ferry Company, by Bruce Horne.
  • Wolfe Island: Stepping Stone to Freedom [Kingston Penitentiary], by David St. Onge.
  • Wolfe Island - Wall Street: A Church Connection, by Rev. Canon Chris Carr.
  • Early Settlers of Wolfe Island, by Brian MacDonald.
  • Wolfe Island Has a Museum, by Jordan Press and Margaret Knott.
  • The Old House Museum: A Showcase for our Island's Heritage, by Victoria M. Stewart.
  • An Interview with Shelia [Sheila] LaRush at the Old House Museum, by Theresa Broeders.
  • Two Famous Islanders. [Edward Elijah Horton, Maude Radford Warren], by Brian MacDonald.
  • A British Home Child [Catherine Boswell], by Pamela Evans-Daly.
  • Gone Forever: The Lost Villages, by Brian Johnson.
  • Wolfe Island--A Legacy in Stone, by Barbara Wall LaRoque [book launch], by Margaret Knott.
  • General James Wolfe 'Unveiled', by Margaret Knott.
  • A Long Distance to Wolfe Island [telephone], by Brian Johnson.
  • Art in Wood: Wildfowl Carvings and Cast Paper Sculptures, by Jan Fitch.
  • [announcements, society business, minutes of meetings and events, etc.; song "Wolfe Island is my Home, by Claire Muller]

Windword, The Annual Journal of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, Volume V, No. 1, 2010

  • My Memories of the 'Foot'
  • Patrick Langan: Co-Proprietor of Wolfe Island, by Brian MacDonald.
  • Legend of the Lake: 22-gun Brig-Sloop 'Ontario', by A. Britton Smith.
  • Coming to Canada [memoir, from Netherlands], by John Posthumus.
  • Captain Richard 'RF' Fawcett and the Wolfe Islander III : Two Anniversaries to Celebrate, by Brian Johnson.
  • [announcements, obituary for Dr. James Halliday Day, society business, minutes of meetings and events, etc.]

Windword, The Annual Journal of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, Volume VI, No. 1, 2011

  • Strathy Language Study, by Anastasia Riehl.
  • The Restoration of the Anglican Rectory on Wolfe Island: A Talk on Heritage Carpentry, by Joe Calnan.
  • The History of Garden Island before 1840, by Brian MacDonald.
  • The Artist, the Decoy Maker, the Duck-Hunting Club and the Collector, by Jim Stewart.
  • A New Year's Tail-Spin--Winfield 'Woody' Woodman's First Solo Flight, Dec. 21, 1950, by Brian Johnson.
  • Louisa-Annie Murray 1818-1894, Canadian Author, by David Murray.
  • Confessions of an Island Crasher, by Kim Lunman.
  • Inside the Surge: A Canadian Perspective. [military service in Afghanistan], by Col. David Patterson.
  • Colonel John Ferguson. [Ferguson's Point], by Brian MacDonald.
  • [cover page-history of Muckian-Armstrong-Stewart house at 439 Button Bay Rd; reports and words from president and vice-president, etc.;  obituaries for Captain Richard Francis Fawcett (1922-2011), John Kinnear D'Esterre (1925-2012), Victoria May Stewart (1947-2012); photo of Cosgrove-Larkin wedding 1947.]

Windword, The Annual Journal of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, Volume VII, No. 1, 2012

  • Don and Mary MacDonald, by Mary Lynn MacDonald.
  • War of 1812 in and around Kingston and Wolfe Island," by Judith Greenwood Speers.
  • Ed Baker's Store and Bill Card's House, by Brian MacDonald.
  • Woodman House and Dreamcatcher Inn, by Brian MacDonald.
  • The Mystery of the Lighthouse. [Simcoe Island; Nine Mile Point], by Yelda Miedema.
  • Ardath Castle: Where was it Built and by Whom?, by Brian MacDonald.
  • A Wolfe Island Wake in Wintertime [1963 funeral of John Johnson], by Brian Johnson.
  • A 'Grand Ol' Dame' Gets a Facelift; Old House Museum, Antoine 'Tiner' LaRush, by Brian Johnson.
  • [cover image-Canadian Voltigeurs, 1812; reports and words from president and vice-president, etc.; obituaries for Paul V. Johnson (1940-2011), Anne-Marie Johnson (2013), etc.; photos of Wolfe Islander I, ferry waiting room 1919, photo of SS#2 students 1895]

Windword, The Annual Journal of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, Volume VIII, No. 1, 2013

  • President's Message, by Hendry Connell
  • Our Cover Page, by Wilma Sjonger
  • Thomas Alexander Hatfield, by Brian MacDonald
  • Buck Mullin, by Brian Johnson
  • The Wolfe Island Band
  • Serendipity--The Minnehaha, by Bruce Devine
  • The Last Lighthouse Keeper of Main Duck Island, by Brian Johnson
  • The Bakers of Baker's Store, by Brian MacDonald
  • The Origins of the North West Mounted Police, by Jane Hall
  • Ice Yachts and Ice Boating, by Hendry Connell
  • A History of Fargo's Store, by Brian MacDonald
  • Marysville Walking Tour, by Wilma Sjonger
  • A Recap of War of 1812 Celebrations

Windword, The Annual Journal of the Wolfe Island Historical Society, Volume IX, No. 1, 2014-2015

  • President's Message, by Hendry Connell
  • Our Cover Page, by Wilma X. Sjonger
  • Thanks to Volunteers, by Judith Greenwood-Speers
  • Past Events 2014-2015
  • R.J. Spoor
  • Wolfe Island Lighthouses, by Mary Alic Snetsinger
  • Steamer America
  • Wolfe Island Cheese Manufacturing, by Brian MacDonald
  • Remembering Captain Harold Hogan, by Brian Johnson
  • The Quarry that Became the Dump
  • Hulton Family, by Wayne Hulton, Colleen Macdonald, W.X. Sjonger
  • Wolfe Island Post Offices, by Brian MacDonald
  • 1921 Baseball Team
  • Wolfe Island Mud, by Gary McRory
  • Dutch Families of Wolfe Island, by Anne Marie Benson
  • Listing of Dutch Families, by Theresa Broeders