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Portrait of Jane Austen at 15

Want to brush up on your Jane Austen knowledge before our Austentation events begin?  Here's a complete set of her novels, letters, and a selection of biographies. Just click below to open a book on your screen. (Yes, it's really that easy.)

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Books about Jane Austen

Memoir of Jane Austen, by her nephew J.E. Austen Leigh (1879) "More than half a century has passed away since I, the youngest of the mourners, attended the funeral of my dear aunt Jane in Winchester Cathedral. . ." page 1

The Story of Jane Austen's Life, by Oscar Fay Adams (1897) "How early she began to write is unknown; but copy-books of hers containing stories and sketches written when she must have been not far from twelve are in existence, and by the time she was sixteen there was a goodly accumulation of these." page 35

Jane Austen, by Mrs. Charles Malden (Famous Women series) (1889) "To her it seemed simply absurd that any great fuss should be made about writings which she herself said 'cost her so little'; which were carried on as a pleasant pastime in the midst of other occupations, and without even a separate room to work in." page 3

Jane Austen, by O.W. Firkins (1920) "Miss Austen is perhaps the poorest subject for biography of all notable persons who have lived since biography began to flourish." page 176

Jane Austen, by Francis Warre Cornish (English Men of Letters series) (1914) "A subject which is often mentioned in her letters, as well as her novels, is dancing. Dancing was then a more important thing than nowadays, in the country at least. . ." page 19

Letters of Jane Austen, edited by Edward, Lord Brabourne (1884).

Volume 1   "My great-aunt, Jane Austen, died on July 18, 1817. As circumstances over which I had no control prevented my appearance until twelve years later, I was unfortunately debarred from that personal acquaintance with her. . .however. . .my mother. . .was the favourite niece of Aunt Jane. . ." pages 1-2

Volume 2   "1808-1809 - These letters were written at a time when the first great misfortune fell upon the Godmersham family. . ." page 1

Novels and Letters of Jane Austen, edited by R. Brimley Johnson (1906).

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