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Prison Inmate RobinsonIts official title is Kingston Penitentiary Inmate History Ledger LAC R942-102-7-E and you can find it on the website of Library and Archives Canada, where it is described as "a ledger from the Kingston Penitentiary, dating from 1915-1916. The ledger provides inmate descriptions and mugshots (frontal and profile). Information for each inmate includes name, alias, age, place of birth, height, weight, complexion, eye colour, hair colour, occupation, sentence, date of sentence, place of sentence, crime committed, authority remarks, distinctive marks.

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Image: Kingston Penitentiary Inmate History Description Ledger, 1913-1916, page 71, detail, [online] Library and Archives Canada, entry for Pete Tydrouk and John Robinson and Martin Sweeney and Daniel McDonald, series R942-101-5-E, MIKAN number 4348702.