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Prison Inmate TyroukIts official title is the Kingston Penitentiary Inmate History Ledger R942-104-0-E and you can find it on the website of Library and Archives Canada.

NOTE:  In the list below, the inmates' names are missing from a large number of records. Each page consists of two images, but both pictures have been labelled with the same set of names. Here's an example. Library and Archives Canada has been contacted about the problem and we hope they'll soon be able to include the missing information. Meanwhile, only way to access those names is to click on a page number below, follow the link that says Online MIKAN no..., and view the picture labelled "item 2."




Image: Kingston Penitentiary Inmate History Description Ledger, 1913-1916, page 71, detail, [online] Library and Archives Canada, entry for Pete Tydrouk and John Robinson and Martin Sweeney and Daniel McDonald, series R942-101-5-E, MIKAN number 4348702.