World War I

WWI-Soldier-in-Greatcoat-from-Canadian_Great_War-ProjectAs we commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the First World War (1914-1918) we hope to learn more about Kingston-Frontenac residents who served overseas, and the families and friends who waited at home for them.

The links below will help you to find information about soldiers, nursing sisters and others from Kingston and Frontenac County who served in the Great War.

At that time, Frontenac County was organized into eighteen townships. To see the names of soldiers and nursing sisters from these areas who served in the War, click the name of a township below. If you know the name of a town or village, but not the township, visit the page WWI in Frontenac County, and scroll down.

City of Kingston

Frontenac County

The Canadian Great War Project

Find out whether the person survived the war, what unit(s) they served with, when their birthday was, and who was waiting for them back at home.

Search for the person by name and/or regimental number.

Attestation Forms   

Find out what the person looked like; see the original form with their handwriting on it.

When you find the person in the Canadian Great War Project (above), click the icon beside their name.


If you can't find them in the Canadian Great War Project, try the Soldiers of the First World War search box on the website of Library and Archives Canada.

Census Records

Find out who lived in the household just three years before the war. Discover how old they were, what they did for a living, how much money they made, and more.

Search for the person's family in the 1911 Census of Canada.


Frontenac County

City of Kingston (1911 Fire Insurance Plan)

Find out whether the person's street address or neighbourhood has changed in the last hundred years or so.

First, click here to look up the street address from the Library and Archives Canada database. Then click a page number below to view the correct map.

More Information about WWI in Kingston-Frontenac

Image: Unidentified Canadian Soldier in Greatcoat, c1918 M.I. Pirie, from the website of the Canadian Great War Project,