WWI in Frontenac County

wwi-poster-020During the First World War (1914 - 1918), Frontenac County was organized into eighteen townships. To see the names of some soldiers and nursing sisters who served in the War, and to learn more about their families, click the name of a township below. If you know the name of a town or village, but not the township, scroll down.


Townships in Frontenac County (1849-1998)

Towns and Villages in Frontenac County (1849 - 1998)


  • Allan’s Siding-Palmerston Township
  • Allen -Wolfe Island
  • Ansleys - now called Brewer Lake -Storrington Township
  • Arden -Kennebec Township
  • Ardoch -Clarendon Township
  • Atkinson -Pittsburgh Township
  • Aylesworth -Kingston Township


  • Ballantyne Station -Pittsburgh Township
  • Barriefield -Pittsburgh Township
  • Battersea - formerly Rockville; formerly VanLuvens Mills -Storrington Township
  • Beatty -Palmerston Township
  • Bedford Centre -Bedford Township
  • Bedford Mills - formerly Buttermilk Falls -Bedford Township
  • Bellrock - formerly Depot Village -Portland Township
  • Birmingham -Pittsburgh Township
  • Bishop Corners - formerly Bishop’s Corners -Barrie Township
  • Bishop’s Corners - now called Bishop Corners -Barrie Township
  • Bobs Lake -Bedford Township
  • Bon Echo - formerly Massanga -Barrie Township
  • Bordenwood -Kennebec Township
  • Brewer Lake - formerly Ansleys -Storrington Township
  • Brewers Mills -Pittsburgh Township
  • Buck Lake -Loughborough Township
  • Buckshot - now called Plevna -Clarendon Township
  • Bur Creek -Kingston Township
  • Burridge -Bedford Township
  • Buttermilk Falls - now Bedford Mills -Bedford Township


  • Camp Oconto -Olden Township
  • Canonto -South Canonto Township
  • Cataraqui - formerly Waterloo -Kingston Township
  • Cedarholm -Kennebec Township
  • Clarendon Station -Oso Township
  • Cloyne -Barrie Township
  • Collins Bay - formerly Collinsby -Kingston Township
  • Collinsby - now called Collins Bay -Kingston Township
  • Coxvale -Clarendon Township
  • Crow Lake -Bedford Township
  • Crow Lake -Oso Township
  • Cushendall -Pittsburgh Township


  • D’Arcy -Howe Island
  • Dead Creek -Kennebec Township
  • Deerdock -Oso Township
  • Deniston -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Depot Village - now called Bellrock -Portland Township
  • Desert Lake -Loughborough Township
  • Devil Lake -Bedford Township
  • Donaldson -Kennebec Township
  • Donaldson -Palmerston Township
  • Draffin -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Dufferinville -Pittsburgh Township


  • Eastview -Pittsburgh Township
  • Elginburg -Kingston Township
  • Elm Grove -Kennebec Township
  • Elm Tree -Kennebec Township


  • Fermoy -Bedford Township
  • Fernleigh -Clarendon Township
  • Ferristown - now called Rockdale -Storrington Township
  • Findley Station -Pittsburgh Township
  • Franklin’s Settlement -Pittsburgh Township


  • Gemley -Miller Township
  • Glenburnie -Kingston Township
  • Glendower -Bedford Township
  • Glendower -Hichinbrooke Township
  • Glenvale -Kingston Township
  • Godfrey - formerly Iron Ore Junction -Hinchinbrooke Township


  • Hardinge -Barrie Township
  • Harlowe -Barrie Township
  • Harrowsmith - formerly Spike’s Corners -Portland Township
  • Hartington -Portland Township
  • Henderson -Kennebec Township
  • Holleford -Loughborough Township
  • Holleford -Portland Township
  • Howe Island village -Howe Island

I - J

  • Inverary -Storrington Township
  • Iron Ore Junction - now called Godfrey -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Joyceville -Pittsburgh Township


  • Kepler -Kingston Township
  • Kingston Mills -Kingston Township
  • Kirk Cove -Kennebec Township
  • Kirkpatrick -Storrington Township


  • Lake Opinicon -Storrington Township
  • Latimer -Storrington Township
  • Leland -Loughborough Township
  • Lillies Mill -Oso Township
  • Long Lake -Olden Township
  • Loughborough village - now called Sydenham -Loughborough Township


  • Malakoff -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Maple Lawn -Kingston Township
  • Martin’s Mills -Portland Township
  • Marysville - formerly Wolfe Island Village -Wolfe Island Township
  • Massanga - now called Bon Echo -Barrie Township
  • McLaren’s Depot - formerly McLaren’s Mill -Palmerston Township
  • McLaren’s Mill - now McLaren’s Depot -Palmerston Township
  • McLean -Kennebec Township
  • McLean -Olden Township
  • Middle Road -Pittsburgh Township
  • Millburn -Storrington Township
  • Mississippi Station -Palmerston Township
  • Missouri - now called Oates -Loughborough Township
  • Mount Chesney -Kingston Township
  • Mountain Grove -Olden Township
  • Murvale -Portland Township
  • Myer Cave -Barrie Township


  • Oak Hill -Kingston Township
  • Oates - formerly Missouri -Loughborough Township
  • Oconto -Olden Township
  • Olden Village -Olden Township
  • Ompah -Palmerston Township
  • Oso Station -Oso Township
  • Ossa -Olden Township


  • Parham - formerly Smith’s Mills -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Perry -Barrie Township
  • Perth Road -Loughborough Township
  • Petworth -Portland Township
  • Picardsville -Kingston Township
  • Piccadilly -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Pine Hill -Pittsburgh Township
  • Pitts Ferry -Pittsburgh Township
  • Plevna - formerly Buckshot -Clarendon Township
  • Port Metcalfe -Wolfe Island Township
  • Portsmouth -Kingston Township


  • Railton -Loughborough Township
  • Rattans Corner -Kennebec Township
  • Reddendale -Kingston Township
  • Reeves -Pittsburgh Township
  • Reynoldston Lake -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Richardson -Portland Township
  • Rideau Lake -Bedford Township
  • Robertsville -Palmerston Township
  • Rockdale - formerly Ferristown -Storrington Township
  • Rockville - now called Battersea; see also VanLuvens Mills -Storrington Township
  • Rosehill -Pittsburgh Township


  • Sangster -Bedford Township
  • Sharbot Lake -Oso Township
  • Sharpton -Kingston Township
  • Sigsworth -Portland Township
  • Sigsworth Lake -Loughborough Township
  • Smith’s Mills - now called Parham -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Snow Road Station -Palmerston Township
  • South Clyde -South Canonto Township
  • Spafford’s Corners - now called Spaffordton -Loughborough Township
  • Spaffordton - formerly Spafford’s Corners -Loughborough Township
  • Spike’s Corners - now called Harrowsmith -Portland Township
  • St. George's Lake -Oso Township
  • St. Lawrence -Wolfe Island Township
  • Storrington village -Storrington Township
  • Stuartsville -Kingston Township
  • Sunbury -Storrington Township
  • Sydenham - formerly Loughborough -Loughborough Township


  • Tichborne -Bedford Township
  • Tichborne -Hinchinbrooke Township

U - W

  • VanLuvens Mills - now called Battersea; see also Rockville -Storrington Township
  • Verona -Portland Township
  • Wagarville -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Washburn -Pittsburgh Township
  • Waterloo - now called Cataraqui -Kingston Township
  • Wensley -Miller Township
  • Westbrook -Kingston Township
  • Westville - now called Williamsville -Kingston Township
  • Wilbur -Palmerston Township
  • Wilkinson -Hinchinbrooke Township
  • Willetsholme -Pittsburgh Township
  • Williamsville - formerly Westville -Kingston Township
  • Wilmer -Loughborough Township
  • Wolfe Island Village - now called Marysville -Wolfe Island Township

X - Z

  • Young -Bedford Township
  • Zanesville - formerly Zanesville Mines -Bedford Township
  • Zanesville Mines - now called Zanesville -Bedford Township
  • Zealand -Oso Township


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Image: To build anything, to fight anything ... 5th Overseas Pioneer Battalion, C.E.F. / Digital ID: (digital file from color film copy transparency) cph 3g12416 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3g12416 / Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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