WWI - Kingston Township

wwi-poster-013Note: Kingston Township is not the same thing as "City of Kingston", although parts of Kingston Township became amalgamated with the City in 1998.  For city addresses, follow the links from the Home Town, Home Front main page.


  • 510855            BARRY, Stanley            CATARAQUI
  • 110038            BLAIR, Joseph Charles            CATARAQUI
  •             EDWARDS, John Worden            CATARAQUI
  • 1090026            EMMONS, Frank            CATARAQUI
  • 8094            FILLION, Oscar Gardiner            CATARAQUI
  • 835486            FRIZZELL, Wesley            CATARAQUI
  • 835487            JACKSON, Harold            CATARAQUI
  • 835405            LASHFORD, George G            CATARAQUI
  • 835328            LEONARD, George T            CATARAQUI
  • 113381            MARSHALL, George            CATARAQUI
  • 835316            McLEAN, William W            CATARAQUI
  • 308650            SUTHERLAND, Robert            CATARAQUI
  •             BAKER, Edwin A            COLLINS BAY
  • 320020            BAKER, Thomas Wilbur            COLLINS BAY
  • 835933            BRYCE, Robert Henry            COLLINS BAY
  • 59365            GILBERT, Joseph            COLLINS BAY
  • 835409            GRICE, William James            COLLINS BAY
  • 1010113            MacLEAN, George Meachem            COLLINS BAY
  • 835629            McDONOUGH, Roy            COLLINS BAY
  • 1090453            VANALSTYNE,Cecil Allan            COLLINS BAY
  • 32966            BEARANCE, Russell E            ELGINBURG
  • 114            HANSEN, Henry Lloyd            ELGINBURG
  • 305647            HANSEN, James Stanley            ELGINBURG
  • 835469            PHILLIPS, George            ELGINBURG
  • 835324            PRENTICE, Herbert            ELGINBURG
  •             BLACK, Helen Dolly            GLENBURNIE
  • 835275            ORSER, John H            GLENVALE
  • 835009            REID, John            GLENVALE
  • 835877            SWAIN, Victor Gad            GLENVALE
  • 342961            CLARK, George Cecil            KINGSTON MILLS
  • 4021692            ALARIE, Ambrose            KINGSTON TOWNSHIP
  • 835943            HARRISON, George W            MOUNT CHESNEY
  • 59439            HAWKEY, Joseph Toland            MOUNT CHESNEY
  • 3058330            CLOGG, Wilbert Nelson            WESTBROOK
  • 454079            DRUCE, John            WESTBROOK
  • 835498            DRUCE, John Albert            WESTBROOK
  • 454268            ROBB, Alexander            WESTBROOK
  • 454077            VELY, Frederick            WESTBROOK
  • 8061            ATKINS, James Alexander            PORTSMOUTH
  • 835667            ATKINSON, Harold            PORTSMOUTH
  • 349908            BAIDEN, Christopher Moffatt            PORTSMOUTH
  • 227129            BEAUPRE, Edward Victor            PORTSMOUTH
  • 4020001            BREWSTER, David Albert            PORTSMOUTH
  • 59114            BURKE, Charles Henry            PORTSMOUTH
  • 32732            BUTLER, George            PORTSMOUTH
  • 541816            CLIFF, George Hubert            PORTSMOUTH
  • 8088            DAVIDSON, Allan M            PORTSMOUTH
  • 835259            DAVIDSON, Arthur G            PORTSMOUTH
  • 455559            DOYLE, Thomas            PORTSMOUTH
  • 8091            EWART, Joshua Charles            PORTSMOUTH
  • 835319            EWART, William            PORTSMOUTH
  • 113223            FORSYTHE, Allan            PORTSMOUTH
  • 20475            DENNEY, John            PORTSMOUTH Forty Foot Rd
  • 9801            DENNEY, Robert William            PORTSMOUTH Forty Foot Rd

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 Where to Look

Online Databases

The Canadian Great War Project

Find out whether the soldier survived the war, what unit(s) he served with, when his birthday was, and who was waiting for him back at home. Search for the person by name and/or regimental number.

Attestation Forms   

Find out what the soldier looked like; see the original form with his handwriting on it. Search the Soldiers of the First World War database on the website of Library and Archives Canada.


Tweedsmuir Histories

Beginning in the late 1940s, a series of 989 local history books were compiled by members of the Women's Institutes across Ontario. The project was initiated by Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir. The volumes are a rich source of material about families and communities in Ontario, written by women who lived in the communities they were writing about.

 Census Records

Find out who lived in the household. Discover how old they were, what they did for a living, how much money they made, and more.

Before the War

  1. Search the 1911 Census of Canada.
  2. Type the soldier's surname.
  3. Choose Ontario from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Hide/Show Advanced Search Options.
  5. District Name: Frontenac
  6. Sub-district Name: Kingston
  7. Leave the other fields blank.

After the War

  • Search the 1921 Census of Canada online from Ancestry.com
  • Library and Archives Canada has partnered with Ancestry.com to provide access to this census.
  • Ancestry.com will ask you to make a free account (email address, password) in order to view the census.
  • If you prefer not to make a free account, you are welcome to use Ancestry-Library Edition free of charge at your local KFPL branch (in-library use only).


Towns and Villages

  • Aylesworth
  • Bur Creek
  • Cataraqui - formerly Waterloo
  • Collins Bay - formerly Collinsby
  • Collinsby - now called Collins Bay
  • Elginburg
  • Glenburnie
  • Glenvale
  • Kepler
  • Kingston Mills
  • Maple Lawn
  • Mount Chesney
  • Oak Hill
  • Picardsville
  • Portsmouth
  • Reddendale
  • Sharpton
  • Stuartsville
  • Waterloo - now called Cataraqui
  • Westbrook
  • Westville - now called Williamsville
  • Williamsville - formerly Westville

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Acknowledgement: The list of soldiers' names was generously provided by Stuart MacDonald, curator of the Princess of Wales' Own Regiment (PWOR) Museum.

Image: Your chums are fighting -- why aren't you? / Digital ID: (color film copy transparency) cph 3g12171 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3g12171
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