WWI - Loughborough Township


  • 60020            VAUTRIN, Vance            DESERT LAKE
  • 835950            CONVERY, Robert James            LELAND
  • 75030            CONWAY, Thomas Ira            LELAND
  • 835571            BABCOCK, John Henry Foster            PERTH ROAD
  • 19494            BROOKS, William Herbert            PERTH ROAD
  • 835948            BURNS, Thomas Hemian            PERTH ROAD
  • 59152            CHARLES, Robert S            PERTH ROAD
  • 835291            COREY, William T            PERTH ROAD
  • 835415            LAKE, Claude D            PERTH ROAD
  • 835814            PROTHEROE, John            PERTH ROAD
  • 835631            BABCOCK, Albert Manley            SYDENHAM
  • 835418            BARCLAY, Hugh Richard            SYDENHAM
  • 1090065            BLOW, Kenneth            SYDENHAM
  • 835891            BOTTING, Benjamin Peter            SYDENHAM
  • 410246            CARROLL, Bertrand            SYDENHAM
  • 835335            CHARTRA, Edward J            SYDENHAM
  • 835331            CLOW, William Oliver            SYDENHAM
  • 8089            DARLING, Clarence Douglas            SYDENHAM
  • 835417            EMBURY, James T            SYDENHAM
  • 59339            FRASER, Victor Leonard            SYDENHAM
  • 452443            HAMILTON, Frederick            SYDENHAM
  • 305570            HANSEN, Otto Victor            SYDENHAM
  • 219443            JAMES, Albert Edward            SYDENHAM
  • 835170            KAVANER, George F            SYDENHAM
  • 835778            KNOWLTON, Arthur F            SYDENHAM
  • 835332            KNOWLTON, Cyrus            SYDENHAM
  • 835337            KNOWLTON, Ernest            SYDENHAM
  • 835406            LEE, Harry Ivo            SYDENHAM
  • 835452            LETFORD, Hugh            SYDENHAM
  • 8121            MacDONALD, Alfred            SYDENHAM
  • 835700            MARTIN, Albert            SYDENHAM
  • 835525            MARTIN, William J            SYDENHAM
  • 835527            NELLIS, Blake            SYDENHAM
  • 835779            NELLIS, James            SYDENHAM
  • 166397            O'CONNOR, Neil            SYDENHAM
  • 59758            OFFORD, William Charles            SYDENHAM
  • 835413            PERKINS, William M            SYDENHAM
  • 835448            PETERS, Dorval            SYDENHAM
  • 835336            REDMOND, Earl W            SYDENHAM
  • 835959            RICHARDSON, Elwood JW            SYDENHAM
  • 835866            ROCHE, Francis W            SYDENHAM
  • 220100            SMITH, Henry William            SYDENHAM
  • 835317            SMITH, Henry WJ            SYDENHAM
  • 835523            SMITH, Skyler            SYDENHAM
  • 835279            STRUTHERS, Stephen            SYDENHAM
  • 835333            SWERBRICK, Mordie            SYDENHAM
  • 835208            WOOD, Ernest            SYDENHAM
  • 835334            WOODRUFF, Clement S            SYDENHAM
  • 835643            WOODS, Roy            SYDENHAM

Do you know of another soldier from Loughborough Township who served in WWI? Please let us know!

Where to Look

Online Databases

The Canadian Great War Project

Find out whether the soldier survived the war, what unit(s) he served with, when his birthday was, and who was waiting for him back at home. Search for the person by name and/or regimental number.

Attestation Forms   

Find out what the soldier looked like; see the original form with his handwriting on it. Search the Soldiers of the First World War database on the website of Library and Archives Canada.


 Tweedsmuir Histories

Beginning in the late 1940s, a series of 989 local history books were compiled by members of the Women's Institutes across Ontario. The project was initiated by Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir. The volumes are a rich source of material about families and communities in Ontario, written by women who lived in the communities they were writing about.

Find a copy of the Tweedsmuir History of Sydenham at KFPL.



1878  Maps of Frontenac County, from the Canadian County Atlas Project

1917  Township of Loughborough, from Library and Archives Canada 

Try the Map Gallery, Frontenac Maps on the County of Frontenac website. Scroll down and click Lot/Concession Maps by Geographic Township. There is also a "Hamlet Map" of Sydenham in the Map Gallery.

 Census Records

Find out who lived in the household. Discover how old they were, what they did for a living, how much money they made, and more.

Before the War

  1. Search the 1911 Census of Canada.
  2. Type the soldier's surname.
  3. Choose Ontario from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Hide/Show Advanced Search Options.
  5. District Name: Frontenac
  6. Sub-district Name: Loughborough
  7. Leave the other fields blank.

After the War

  • Search the 1921 Census of Canada online from Ancestry.com
  • Library and Archives Canada has partnered with Ancestry.com to provide access to this census.
  • Ancestry.com will ask you to make a free account (email address, password) in order to view the census.
  • If you prefer not to make a free account, you are welcome to use Ancestry-Library Edition free of charge at your local KFPL branch (in-library use only).

 Towns and Villages

  • Buck Lake
  • Desert Lake
  • Holleford
  • Leland
  • Loughborough village - now called Sydenham
  • Missouri - now called Oates
  • Oates - formerly Missouri
  • Perth Road
  • Railton
  • Sigsworth Lake
  • Spafford’s Corners - now called Spaffordton
  • Spaffordton - formerly Spafford’s Corners
  • Sydenham - formerly Loughborough * (KFPL Library Branch)
  • Wilmer

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Image: Bushmen and sawmill hands wanted. Join the 238th Canadian Forestry Battalion / Digital ID: (digital file from color film copy transparency) cph 3g12675 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3g12675 /  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA