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wwi-poster-003Whether you've been researching a soldier or nursing sister in our Postcards from the Past project, or exploring our Presents from the Past entries about WWI Next-of-Kin or WWI Graves in Kingston-Frontenac, we hope the following links will lead you to even more discoveries about those who lived in our community during the Great War.


Learn about the unit with which the soldier or nursing sister served.

Infantry:  21st Battalion, 39th Battalion, 59th Battalion, 80th Battalion, 146th Battalion, 253rd Battalion, 259th Battalion

Artillery: Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Brigade (RCHA);  Canadian Field Artillery--3rd Battery, 22nd Battery, 32nd Battery, 33rd Battery, 45th Battery, 46th Battery, 52nd Battery, 72nd Battery, 73rd Battery, 75th Battery

Canadian Army Medical Corps: No. 15 Canadian Field Ambulance, No. 5 Canadian Stationary Hospital (Queen's), No. 7 Canadian General Hospital (Queen's)


Find out who lived in the household: parents, siblings, spouse, etc.—their ages, occupations, religious affiliation, etc.

  • Before the War
    1. Search the 1911 Census of Canada.
    2. Type the soldier's surname.
    3. Choose Ontario from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click Hide/Show Advanced Search Options.
    5. District Name: Kingston
    6. Sub-district Name: Kingston
    7. Leave the other fields blank.

    After the War

    • Search the 1921 Census of Canada online from Ancestry.com
    • Library and Archives Canada has partnered with Ancestry.com to provide access to this census.
    • Ancestry.com will ask you to make a free account (email address, password) in order to view the census.
    • If you prefer not to make a free account, you are welcome to use Ancestry-Library Edition free of charge at your local KFPL branch (in-library use only).





No index exists for the Kingston newspapers during the War years, so it is not possible to look up a person or topic to find out whether they were mentioned in the paper.

However, if you know the exact date of an event (or if you just wish to browse through the Kingston newspapers on microfilm), visit our Central Branch on Johnson Street.

Read more about access to newspapers at KFPL.

If you'd like to browse some WWI newspapers from other Canadian cities--try these:

See also The Illustrated First World War, from the archives of The Illustrated London News (1914-1919)





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