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This self isolation is good training for me

Marg Emmons' COVID-19 Story

July 21, 2020

Marg Emmons shares her COVID-19 social isolation experiences

Memory bears Marg made from the shirt of a family member who recently passed away

My life today has changed. Yes I am not doing a lot of social things I was doing 3 ½ months ago, or a year ago! Am I suffering? No. I have lots of craft things to do, knitting, sewing, embroidery and origami. I have television and Netflix and because I have an iPad Pro, an iPhone and good internet I can FaceTime and Zoom to connect with my children, grandchildren (one as far away as Denmark) and great grandchildren. As well every Tuesday morning we zoom with the social activity Coordinator at our local Seniors Grace Centre in Sydenham. Next week we will play Bingo in Zoom for the first time. 

Because I am a widow and into my 80's I can be lonely but my loneliness is something I suffer even when in a crowd, missing ones partner of 60 years can come over me at any time triggered by many little things like a song, a food, a piece of clothing or a flower. 

Macrame hanger Marg made during social isolation

I have not been any further than the end of my driveway to the mailbox. I am fortunate to have family in the area who bring me treats and some essentials and we Social distance and have a visit. Thru the FaceTime I figured out early into this that my family had a little system here – they knew by my appearance that yes I was up and about, my appearance told them I was paying attention to my hair and attire. Chances are then Mom is not showing signs of Depression! 

I was already a patron of the SFCSC Meals on Wheels and because our Social gathering for cards and games was Tuesday I picked up my meal right there, so in mid-March Joanne our coordinator set me up with a volunteer who delivers so I signed on for the Thursday meal as well, so both days I have a volunteer who is so very friendly and we go thru the necessary checklists so the volunteers delivering do not put themselves in danger. We discuss the weather, the latest news and there too is that checkup in case a patron is struggling!

Needle-felted rabbit Marg made during social isolation

During my self isolation I had a bulb blow out in my security light so my son came by to check it out and found I need a new unit, so he was making a trip to our local hardware to get me a replacement, so I suggested he drive my Jeep because it had been sitting idle in my garage. When he returned he parked it on the drive and suggested I wipe the keys, steering wheel and door handles with the wipes to be safe. As he was ready to leave he said oh I should have put it inside for you, now you have wiped it down I will leave it for you. I drove it into my garage as I had so many times before and panicked when I could not find he brake with my right foot, an issue I had suffered a couple of times before because I have Neuropathy in my feet and legs. Lucky for me the results were I pushed a wall around my stairs to the basement 2 feet out over the stairs. This could be repaired and it wasn't rear ending another car or hitting a child who ran out on the road. This self isolation is good training for me once this pandemic is over I will need to plan ahead, no more spur of the moment dash off to the store, the library or a cup of tea with a friend. The Seniors Grace Centre has transportation for appointments with the doctor, dentist, optical and beauty salon. The grocery, hardware and drugstore deliver. I have always been an avid reader and can get a large variety of titles on my iPad as well as audio books from the library and thru Cloud Library. Because I like to limit myself to how much time I spend reading on electronics I talked with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library; I have been set up so I receive 4 library books by mail with a return mailing label.

I believe in spite of everything I am journeying thru this pandemic with flying colours!

- Marg Emmons, South Frontenac