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This became my personal bubble.

Patsy Johnson's COVID-19 Story

June 11, 2020

Patsy Johnson describes living with limitations, before as well as during the pandemic.

Personal Bubble

There is a parallel thread running from last year to the recent pandemic for me.

Patsy Johnson with her son Jacob Johnson, cooking a meal

After breaking my upper humerus in three places in 2019 from falling on ice, I was house bound with very limited options. There was soul-searching through my trials and pain of several weeks. Life was abruptly stopped from my Educational Assistant job at school, caring for grandchildren, and playing guitar for others. No driving or lifting, I was sleep deprived and my social contacts limited to a family member with meals. This became my personal bubble FROM the world.

A piece of Patsy’s cast with her guitar (painted by her son Jacob)

Forward a year with COVID-19 -- abruptly limiting outings except for essentials, while being surrounded by personal protective measures. Grandchildren restrictions, playing my guitar in isolation. Family and friendships put on hold. This became my personal bubble WITH the world.

After breaking my arm, I learned more about patience with not only myself, but also with the ones dear to me. I appreciated being pain free, but this only happened after the fracture healing that dragged on for weeks. Yet without these movement restrictions, I would not have recovered from my broken arm. 

Patsy Johnson and her sister Sharon Klassen, playing for Tett Kids Creativity Club

When I could finally use my arm and hand, I was consciously appreciative of the wonderful use of those muscles, joints and bones often taken for granted. From lifting a coffee cup to that grandbaby was, and will once again be a healing step. Playing guitar for others, was and will once again be a healing step. Spending time with family and friends was and will once again be that healing step.

Learning patience is my ongoing healing step.

Patsy Johnson