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Samuel Hawley's COVID-19 Stories

June 4, 2020

Samuel Hawley shares two films he created during the pandemic quarantine.

I'm a Kingston writer. During the lockdown I tried my hand at something I've been wanting to do for a while: to make a short film entirely by myself as a way to start learning the filmmaking process. (I've made a number of documentaries, but never a narrative film.) Being shut up inside was just the opportunity I needed. I ended up making two short films, starring myself, shot by myself, set entirely within the confines of my own house. One-person filmmaking!

This is a one-person film (a thriller) that I shot entirely alone, inside my own house, using myself as an actor. Budget: zero. Shot using a Panasonic Lumix G85 on a camera tripod, hand-held, and on a C-stand for high shots. Edited in Adobe Premiere Elements 11. The music is from "The Watcher" by Soundscapes55.

Here's my second narrative film shot entirely by myself. It's about the dystopian future of fear, isolation, dependence and control that we have been marching toward for years now and that is now almost here. Shot using a Panasonic Lumix G85. Edited in DiVinci Resolve 16. (My first time to use it. Very satisfied!) LUTs used (amateurishly, but I'm learning): F-6800-STD and H9110-STD. Budget: zero. The music at the end is "Apocalypse" by SYBS

I am looking to connect with other filmmakers and actors in the Kingston area. I have several scripts I'd like to produce. My author's website has a contact page where I can be reached. I would really like to start making more ambitious films in Kingston!