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Thank you to whoever started the rockwalk

Tim Gauthier's COVID-19 Story

June 2, 2020

Tim Gauthier shares his film of the Amherstview rockwalk.

Out on a bike ride on April 10 with his wife and two daughters, Tim Gauthier discovered a “rockwalk” in Amherstview's Centennial Park. He filmed some of the rocks they saw that day and created a video entitled "Beautiful People in a Time of Struggle (COVID-19)". He believes the rockwalk was the idea of several people spontaneously, and that it continued to grow from there as more people contributed stones. Rocks are still being added to the walk.

The song used in the video is "Floating", written and performed by Borrtex (Daniel Bordovsky).

To see more of Tim Gauthier's work, check out his website.