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So all night they drank, and taught a chaplain the filthiest songs imaginable.

Interview with Dave Hudson

October 14, 2014

Dave Hudson heard many stories from his grandfather about his wartime service, including one about a chaplain who asked the soldiers in his unit to teach him the crudest songs imaginable – for a very good reason!

John Hudson, early 1940's

Dave talked with Huda Shaltry and showed her a photo, probably from the early 1940s, of his paternal grandfather, John Hudson, working as a chemist in a lab before the war.

John Hudson hadn’t wanted to enlist when war was declared, but with his chemistry background he was able to serve in the British army medical corps rather than on the battlefield. He was a sergeant, stationed in India on the Burma Road, and after the war he was able to show his wife the places where he had been stationed.